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Synergy A woman leans over the windshield of a volkswagen for  energy

the wait is over

Volkswagen’s in-house battery factory PowerCo and circular materials technology company Umicore unite their know-how in IONWAY. As a dedicated battery materials producer, it’s our mission to make e-mobility affordable and accessible to all. Together, we make the energy transition happen.

Join the start-up
with a head start

People worldwide are increasingly demanding access to electric vehicles. At IONWAY’s new battery material production facilities – our future factory – we welcome you to accelerate the transition and boost your skills as well. Let’s make clean mobility the standard.

Building a
zero-emissions future

PowerCo and Umicore join forces in a unique partnership that has the technology and the materials to bring low-carbon e-mobility to every doorstep. In this long-term and large-scale collaboration, we also commit to using green energy throughout the production process. Making a big and positive impact, that is what drives IONWAY.

People, planet…
and partners

IONWAY is founded by the union of PowerCo and Umicore and this synergy of ambitions is key to our success. By joining forces, we create new opportunities. Therefore, to keep improving in the battery materials production, we value inspiring partnerships.

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