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Supplier zone

Dear valued supplier,

As part of IONWAY’s ongoing policy to continuously improve efficiency and service quality to customers and suppliers alike, we would like to inform you on our overall electronic strategy to move away from paper based financial transactions. Consequently, submitting your invoices via paper is no longer preferred and you are strongly encouraged to submit invoices by email without delay to ensure timely and accurate payments.


A PDF copy of your invoice should be submitted to relevant email address below: for invoices for IONWAY BV for invoices for IONWAY Poland sp. z o.o for invoices for IONWAY Finland Oy

Note, these email addresses are only for invoice submission and are not manually monitored. Only invoices and attachments in accordance with below guidelines are transferred to our invoice processing system.

▪ Only 1 invoice (= 1 PDF) per email is allowed. Additional documents related to the invoice can be attached in the same email if relevant. If additional documents are attached, the file name of the invoice-PDF needs to be mentioned in the email subject text

▪ Invoice must be in PDF format and computer generated. Scanned images of hardcopy invoices cannot be accepted for tax compliance purposes

▪ Special characters are not supported in the file name


See sample invoice below.

When invoicing IONWAY BV or IONWAY Poland sp. z o.o or IONWAY Finland Oy known as IONWAY for goods and services or when issuing a credit note, print all required information. Handwritten information will not be recognized.

1. IONWAY BV or IONWAY Poland sp.z o.o or IONWAY Finland Oy known as IONWAY invoice address which can be found on the Purchase Order

2. Supplier contact info (company name, address, email, phone number and IONWAY BV or IONWAY Poland sp. z o.o or IONWAY Finland Oy known as IONWAY vendor number as indicated on your IONWAY Purchase Order)

3. Supplier VAT number and IONWAY BV or IONWAY Poland sp. z o.o or IONWAY Finland Oy, known as IONWAY, VAT number, irrespective of VAT charged on invoice:

IONWAY BV – BE0794652011

IONWAY Poland sp. z o.o – PL7532465482

IONWAY Finland Oy – FI33448856

▪ Invoices which are subject to domestic VAT are preferably issued in local currency

▪ VAT % and amount as separate line items

NOTE: For invoices issued by the Seller with indication of their Polish VAT number on which domestic VAT is due, the payment will be done by the buyer by default under application of the Polish split payment mechanism, regulated by Polish tax regulations, even if in a given situation application of such mechanism is not mandatory.

4. Supplier invoice or reference number (related invoice number in case of credit note)

5. Supplier bank details (including IBAN and SWIFT)

6. The date of your invoice, which should never be before the date of the purchase order nor before the delivery of goods and services, unless otherwise agreed

7. Invoice currency in iso-code (i.e. EUR, GBP, USD, PLN, DKK…) matching the issued PO

8.IONWAY BV or IONWAY Poland sp. z o.o or IONWAY Finland Oy known as IONWAY PO number and relevant line item

▪ Line item descriptions on the invoice must match the PO (item/PO line/description/Unit Of Measure and payment term)

▪ Different PO numbers on the same invoice are not allowed

9. IONWAY BV or IONWAY Poland sp. z o.o or IONWAY Finland Oy known as IONWAY contact name, email address and cost center if no PO is issued

10. For product related purchase please add the following data on the invoice: CN codes, item weight, gross weight, country of origin and delivery date.

11. For service related invoices: type of service provided is mandatory on the invoice, service date

If you do not know your IONWAY BV or IONWAY Poland sp. z o.o or IONWAY Finland Oy PO number, please connect with your IONWAY contact person prior to submitting your invoice. If any required information is missing from your invoice, your invoice may be returned to you. If this occurs, you will need to correct the invoice and resubmit for processing.

WHERE TO GO FOR HELP: For inquiries about invoice requirements and payment status contact For more invoicing requirements & guidelines, please visit the Supplier Zone on our global homepage: