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our values

Collaboration: Trustworthy, supportive, open and honest, we are stronger together. Partnership is in our DNA as the powerful union that leads the way to e-mobility for all. Our collaborative spirit drives us to learn from and support each other to realize our ambition.

Operational Excellence: We set high standards, are performance driven, take initiative and aim for continuous improvement. We radically apply lean principles to everything we do, and we take accountability for our decisions and actions.  

Respect: We treat every human fairly and understand each other’s differences and our different roles. We welcome diversity in opinions, mindsets and thought processes as they strengthen our collaboration. 

Responsibility: We are responsible for ourselves , for each other and the environment. We act with care towards one-self and all human beings when it comes to health, mental wellbeing and safety. We are empowered to perform with an adequate level of autonomy and accountability to IONWAY.

Positivity: We bring energy and enthusiasm to our work, the processes that we use, our customer and our partners. We happily share the brighter future we are building and pride ourselves in making clean mobility a reality for everyone.

Entrepreneurial Spirit: We encourage each other to not only see problems but to seek out solutions and opportunities. We stay true to our vision and forge the path that shapes the future.